Bridgeport Machine Rebuilders

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TRAK Bed Mill Rebuilding Division

TRAK bed millTRAK bed mill rebuilding starts at the core by regrinding and hand scraping the ways.  This is what gives TRAK milling machines a distinctive feel. Bridgeport Machine Rebuilders will regrind and/or hand scrape all mating surfaces of the iron; column ways, dovetails, saddle, and the gibs. This provides a customized surface to surface fit.

All ways are reground and/or scraped to original tolerances, set by Southwestern Industries. 

The lubrication system is the most important component of the way surfaces. At times the lube system will be overlooked and for lack of a better word, neglected. We focus on this important part of the machine to insure a longer life for the machine rebuild. A poor lubrication system will certainly shorten the life of a CNC milling machine. 

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As you can see, every TRAK bed mill is a candidate for a machine rebuild. Southwestern Industries has produced a quality machine for the last 20 years, again knowingly or unknowingly setting the stage for machine rebuilders as a competitor. Our TRAK bed mill rebuilding service can and will produce a milling machine comparable to a new TRAK machine, for 50-60% of the cost of a new machine. Our process will return your mill to it's original condition, with a 1-year warranty.

A brief summary of our machine rebuilding process:

  • Dismantle, clean, and inspect machine tool
  • All components are available for customer's inspection
  • Scrape, flake, and fit all quoted way surfaces to full bearing, assuring longer life of all necessary components
  • Replace table screw & nut assembly
  • Replace crossfeed screw & nut assembly
  • Replace or repair all parts in head
  • Inspect electrical system
  • Polish all bright work
  • Professionally painted
  • Inspect oil system
  • Assemble and realign to original tolerance
  • Machine guaranteed for a period of 1 Year, under normal use and proper maintenance

Rebuilt Mills for Sale

We sell Rebuilt Bridgeport Mills for approximately 50-60% of a new Bridgeport mill

We also offer an opportunity to trade-in your well used Bridgeport mill with a purchase of a rebuilt Bridgeport mill. Our rebuilt machines are guaranteed for a period of 1 Year, under normal use and proper maintenance.

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