Bridgeport Machine Rebuilders

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Welcome to The Machine Tool Rebuilders Group

Bridgeport Machine Rebuilders"Quality and accuracy is our first consideration, and must never be sacrificed in the interest of a low selling price, but a fair price."

This was the business philosophy of Rudy Bannow and his partner Magnus Wahlstrom, the Bridgeport Machine Company founders. It is the simplicity and practice of this philosophy that has carried the Bridgeport mill into the 21st century.

The Machine Tool Rebuilders Group, a Division of STK Rebuilders, Inc. has been practicing and following this philosophy for the last 37 years. Following this simple business philosophy has helped the Machine Tool Rebuilders Group become one of the premier machine rebuilders in the United States.

While Bridgeport became an American Icon, other machine tools emerged and became leaders in their respective categories; Bridgeport vertical mills, TRAK CNC bed mills, Mitsui surface grinders, Harig surface grinders, and Hardinge lathes. We concentrate our efforts on the premier machine tools, because quality breeds quality and these machines were made to be rebuilt.

"We are a machine rebuilder of used Bridgeport mills, Hardinge lathes, Harig surface grinders, Okamoto surface grinders, Mitsui surface grinders, and TRAK bed mills first and foremost, because that is our specialty."

Tim Kelly, VP of Operations.

Bridgeport       -   Harig   -   ProtoTRAK   -   Hardinge   -   Mitsui

Customer Testimonials:
“Thank you for the quality of the work you did on our Bridgeport mill. It looks very nice and everything works wonderfully, it’s been sometime since we have had a mill in this good of repair. You have won our future business and we are hoping to send at least one more machine this summer, I am working on two but our budget might not allow it.”  College of Technology

"Thanks for such a detailed reply... Seems that true enthusiasm for a job well done lacks these days. Glad to see some people still believe in craftsmanship! Will be keeping your info and when I am ready to buy a mill I will be in touch."  Future customer

Our Leading Suppliers in their Respective Machine Categories



Rebuilding Your Machines: More Production/Less Cost

To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild......

The Bridgeport name has always been associated with Cadillac and Harley-Davidson. Quality, quality, quality.  Did we mention U.S. manufactured?

Bridgeport milling machines can be found in almost every machine shop across the country and for good reason.  The quality of Bridgeport mills are 2nd to none.  The only imported vertical mill worth rebuilding is the Lagun (manufactured in Spain).  All other imports we tend to stay away from due to the quality of the castings and the cost to rebuild compared to purchasing new.

Pros to Rebuilding your existing machinery:

  • Double Your Production for Less - Have 4 Rebuilt Bridgeport mills under operation compared to 2 New Bridgeport mills - for the same cost.
  • Castings Made in the USA - Most Bridgeport mills manufactured before 2007 are US Made Castings.
  • Financial Long-Term Planning for your machine shop - You save on the front end and future (rebuilds) savings will continue through out the lifetime of the Bridgeport mill.
  • New machinery typically costs "twice" as much as rebuilding your equipment - Rebuild 2 of your Bridgeport mills for the cost of 1 New Bridgeport mill.  Enough said?

Cons to Rebuilding your existing machinery:

  • We're stumped here, so please let us know...........

After decades of imported competition flooding the machine tool market, the 370,000+ Bridgeport milling machines are becoming more important to the manufacturing industry.  The Bridgeport U.S. Made castings from the late 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s are second to none.

Companies that reinvest in their existing machine tools are looking beyond the immediate impact.  The long-term financial benefits can easily be justified by any purchasing agent. This basic formula can be applied to Bridgeport mills, Harig surface grinders, and Hardinge lathes.

Bridgeport Series I Rebuilding vs. Buying New

Rebuilt Mills for Sale

We sell Rebuilt Bridgeport Mills for approximately 50-60% of a new Bridgeport mill

We also offer an opportunity to trade-in your well used Bridgeport mill with a purchase of a rebuilt Bridgeport mill. Our rebuilt machines are guaranteed for a period of 1 Year, under normal use and proper maintenance.

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