Bridgeport Machine Rebuilders

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Machine Tool Repair & Rebuilding

Harig 612 Hand Feed Surface GrinderSTK Rebuilders, Inc. has been rebuilding and repairing machine tools for the last 35 years.  Over the last 5 years, STK has created Rebuilding Divisions to allow their Service Techs and Machine Rebuilders to concentrate and focus on specific areas.

Rebuilding & Repair Divisions under the STK Rebuilders, Inc. umbrella:

  • Bridgeport Mill Rebuilding Division
  • TRAK Bed Mill Rebuilding Division
  • Harig Surface Grinder Rebuilding Division
  • Mitsui Surface Grinder Rebuilding Division
  • Okamoto Surface Grinder Rebuilding Division
  • Hardinge Lathe Rebuilding Division


Bridgeport Series I mill“We created these departments so our Service Techs would actually become experts in their respective fields.  We noticed many machine tool repair companies spreading their Services too thin across many types of machines.” said Tim Kelly VP of Operations.  “Our guys have a wide knowledge base when it comes to machine tools, but if you only work on a particular type of machine one time a year, how can you call yourself an expert when repairing that machine?”

STK Rebuilders bread and butter has always been the Bridgeport Series I milling machine.  There are approximately 350,000 Bridgeport mills currently in circulation and approximately 270,000 are 15 years or older and in need of repairs or rebuilding.  As you can see there is a very large market for Bridgeport machine rebuilding.

Harig surface grinders have always been number 2 with regard to percentage of rebuilds under STK Rebuilders umbrella.  But within the last 2 years, rebuilding of the Harig surface grinders have been surging and giving the Bridgeport Rebuilding Division a run for their well-deserved ranking.

“It just doesn’t make sense to spread your machine repair services across every machine tool, just to get the business.  We like to call ourselves experts in Machine Tool Repairing & Rebuilding, so we keep our focus on the core of our business model.” Said Colon Kelly VP of Sales and Marketing.




Rebuilt Mills for Sale

We sell Rebuilt Bridgeport Mills for approximately 50-60% of a new Bridgeport mill

We also offer an opportunity to trade-in your well used Bridgeport mill with a purchase of a rebuilt Bridgeport mill. Our rebuilt machines are guaranteed for a period of 1 Year, under normal use and proper maintenance.

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