Bridgeport Machine Rebuilders

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Machine Tool Room Repairs & Consulting

BMR (Bridgeport Machine Rebuilders) offers a one-stop machinery repair, rebuilding, & consultation service for all your machine tool room needs.  For the last 36 years, their specialty has been repairing and rebuilding the leading machine tools in their respective categories.  With those 36 years, there is over 150 years of machine tool experience with the following:   


  • Vertical Mills: Bridgeport Series I & II
  • Hand Feed Surface Grinders: Harig, Mitsui, Okamoto
  • Automatic Surface Grinders: Okamoto, Harig 618 AutostepTRAK bed mill
  • Tool Room Lathes: Hardinge
  • Bed Mills: TRAK Bed Mills
  • CNC Upgrades: ProtoTRAK EMX 2-axis CNC
  • Digital Readouts: Fagor retrokits
  • Hand Scraping Field Service: They come to you for the larger machine tools 

BMR can provide a service plan that will best suit your machine tool room needs, while limiting downtime.


Fagor 40i digital readoutBesides all your machine repairs, BMR will also provide a competitive shipping quote via their shipping partner.  They will manage every aspect of your machinery repair, except crating the machine.  With respect to crating, BMR will offer crating tips and recommendations to help secure your machine during transit.


This is Full Service for any Machine Tool Room. 





Rebuilt Mills for Sale

We sell Rebuilt Bridgeport Mills for approximately 50-60% of a new Bridgeport mill

We also offer an opportunity to trade-in your well used Bridgeport mill with a purchase of a rebuilt Bridgeport mill. Our rebuilt machines are guaranteed for a period of 1 Year, under normal use and proper maintenance.

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