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Harig Surface Grinders - Made in the USA

Harig Products 1970's logo

We recently found some old Harig Products literature and wanted to share.  The logos had changed numerous times over the years, but as you can see they always featured the name.  The name Harig has always been synonymous with hand feed surface grinders.  Granted they ventured into automatics (Autostep/Slicer/etc.), but the Harig 612 and 618 hand feeds were their bread and butter.

Harig Products 1980's logo

Harig Machine Rebuilders, a Division of STK Rebuilders has always had strong ties to Harig Products.  STK’s founder was hired in the mid 1960’s and moved up in the ranks until he was Plant Supervisor.  During this time he started a machine rebuilding company based in the same town as Harig Products.

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We also found a piece of Harig literature with STK’s founder proudly modeling his 1970’s apparel and a Harig 618 Slicer.  After a brief interview, we discovered there are many pieces of Harig literature featuring the Plant Supervisor operating a new machine.

With his permission, we posted this piece of literature.

Harig Products literature and STK Founder


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